The Clancy
NFT and Content-to-Commerce Solution

Digital Platform & Blockchain Technology: The Clancy platform enables the creation of a high-engagement NFT “front-of-card” collectible video experiences. We pair that with a dynamic “back-of-card” experience with real-time data features like analytics, updatable video content, and sponsor integrations.


  • Uniquely collectible NFTs, purchasable through promotional channels, pack drops, and a marketplace experience to enable the trading of collectibles amongst the fanbase.
  • A transactional ecosystem around the collectibles such as special promotions, gamification and limited-edition numbered cards with unique features.

The NFT Video Cards

The Clancy NFT Digital Collectibles program represents an efficient marketplace for video “moments that matter” to fans and collectors.

Clancy has developed technology that integrates seamlessly into every video-player card [NFT] or “Point-of- Entry”, incentivizing the fan to engage in two things:

  1. Content consumption [including video + information + statistics].
  2. Commerce conversion, and our other KPIs important to our partners.

Customizable NFT Solution for Your Fans

Our blockchain-based NFT platform works hand-in-hand with our unique front-end video NFT. This creates an unparalleled experience for Fans to explore many engagement opportunities alongside other Clancy NFT collectors.

  • Creates NFTs for the viewing experience of the user themselves, like spots in line for the purchase of a highly sought after NFT pack drop.
  • Serves up an ultra-rare Trophy-Room to showcase your NFTs.
  • Ensures custom rates can be enforced on the first purchase as well as all of the subsequent trades of
    any NFT.
  • Guarantees all special traits of a given NFT can be leveraged by the presentation layer.

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