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Clancy & Benfica: isso é um grande negócio! (this is a big deal!)

The signing of a NFT agreement with Sport Lisboa e Benfica, known simply as Benfica and one of the Big Three clubs in Portugal, is proof positive that the Clancy NFT platform has both the sophistication and the ability to deliver in a big way.

The power of video has arrived, and the Benfica-Clancy relationship is set to blossom thanks to the differences we as a company bring to the table in the burgeoning NFT marketplace.
Before getting into that though, it is important to look at where this industry is heading. A report released on Sept. 13 by, highlights how startups and corporations are leveraging NFTs to “change the way we perceive the ownership of digital assets.”

“A copy of a file like a JPG, for instance, is the same as the original,” the skeptics write. “Hence, there is a growing need to replicate crucial properties of physical assets like proof of ownership and uniqueness.”

“NFTs are evolving to bridge this gap by taking advantage of blockchain’s properties like provenance and scarcity. They have proven to be fascinating for artists as they found new ways to sell their creative digital work. Beyond art, several industries including entertainment, fashion, finance, gaming, healthcare, insurance, music, real estate, and sports have discovered various use cases of NFTs.”

The use case Benfica plan to create around the Clancy platform revolves around the building of a customized video NFT trading card and commerce program that allow it to deliver exclusive, interactive, video NFT Moments.

That one move alone will result in a heightened fan experience and enable Benfica supporters and anyone for that matter, to buy and meet at the BenficaNFT collectibles marketplace.

Today, everyone is talking about NFTs, but only Clancy makes the ultimate interactive video NFT digital sports and entertainment cards that ramp up fan excitement and engagement.

Fans can exclusively own interactive NFT video moments of their favorite stars, and trade and transact through secure blockchain technology. These new interactive NFTs bring a totally new collecting experience that can be owned by fans across the planet.

Clancy Interactive NFT Video Moment Collectibles are unique and allow fans to own Video NFTs and experience an immersive communication channel. Each is designed to allow fans to experience an exclusive sports experience through a world of content, commerce and connections.

An idea of what awaits the massive Benfica supporters base, can be seen by what Clancy offers in its Benfica Collection.

Now, many of the Benfica highlights are minted into Interactive Video NFTs. Then, a BenficaNFT owner can tap the video card to flip from the card front to card back, which is where things get really interesting.

The back-of-card technology reflects the depth of immersive rich video assets that can be presented – from exclusive club footage, historical club interviews and brand partner video promotions. Short format or long format, a fan simply scrolls along to see all the exclusive content on the back of the card. Just below the videos, you will see way more, way deeper stats and information, along with profiles and news on that player.

It’s the kind of stuff that both the casual fan and the total analytics geek will appreciate.

A simple tap on one of the “back-of-card” thumbnails on the video content allows it to play in full. As an FYI, the ability to swipe up on the “Transaction Bar” on the card bottom, tied specifically to the video that has been chosen to play, is something that has never been seen before.

Finally, the transaction bar can present any customer with all kinds of options: Buy something online, download an app, sign up for a brand promotion or maybe even place a little legal wager on your favorite team. It’s the passionate fan’s dream built into every single NFT.

In technical terms, the platform enables the creation of a high-importance NFT “front-of-card” collectible, paired with a dynamic “back-of-card” experience with data features like real time analytics, updatable video content and sponsor integrations.

There is nothing like it… not even close.