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ClancyWorld & Polygon Studios team up to build EuroLeague Basketballs’ EuroReels NFT ecosystem.

Clancy International Inc. (Clancy) and the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Basketball (EuroLeague) announced a multi-year fan focused NFT partnership during their Final Four event this past May 2022. Clancy, a fan-engagement Web3 technology company, and EuroLeague, one of the world’s greatest basketball competitions are building EuroReels, their Fan-First NFT ecosystem on Polygon.

The EuroLeague partnership department has been working hard to define an appropriate Web3 strategy, maximizing engagement opportunities for fans and consumers. The partnership with Clancy aims to not only create new virtual products but to keep the functionality of the products attuned to the engagement expectations of fans. 

The EuroReels team has built a forward-thinking Beta experience that rewards passionate EuroLeague fans and engages them into a Founders Community where they have a hand in contributing towards building out the greater community, collectors experience and roadmap for EuroReels.

The EuroReels platform is now live, and you can become a part of their exclusive BetaPass experience to become a founding member of the EuroReels ecosystem.

If you’re a Sports-NFT fan, then you need to check this out. For more information you can visit their site or join the community Discord server

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Clancy is a fan-based blockchain technology company, whose proprietary platform provides fan-driven businesses with blockchain solutions and custom NFT Markets that are an extension of each partner’s brand. Clancy provides maximum interoperability, enabling partners to secure and control their operations in Web3.0. 

Clancy secures collaborative content engagement, trading and gamification through a digital, amped-up interactive NFT experience. Clancy is delivering a new age of NFT fan-based collectibles through sports and entertainment solutions that increase fan bases and maximize engagement. For more information go to or email 

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