About ClancyWorld™

Our Vision

The Clancy vision is to deliver exclusive, collectible video-moments via NFT blockchain technology. We are launching a new era of NFT fan-based collectibles in sports, music, entertainment and eSports sectors. Clancy fan collectibles are digital, interactive and tradable. Fans have the ability to exclusively own NFT interactive video moments of their favourite stars and trade and transact through secure blockchain technology.

Clancy builds customized video NFT trading card and commerce programs for our partners.
Clancy content strategies focus on digital NFT collectibles. We provide your fan-driven business with a custom NFT Market; secure, collaborative content engagement, trading and gamification through a digital, amped-up NFT trading card experience.

Our Commitment

  • Our engineering and product teams have established a global credibility for their work on blockchain.
  • Empowering fan-centric businesses to increase fan engagement and content collection.
  • Creating a Digital Collectibles revenue stream.
  • Meeting the needs of the enterprise by providing reliability and security, and progressive simplicity for the avid fan.

Our Good Will

We work closely with our market partners to incorporate charitable donations as part of all partnerships. A portion of all proceeds received by Clancy will be donated to a charity of the partners’ choice.

Our Environmental Commitment

We are committed to leveraging technology to have a positive environmental and social impact. We’re uniquely capable of creating a bespoke carbon offset program for our partners, related to blockchain transactions and ESG ambitions that can be part of the marketing experience. Climate change is a serious challenge and it demands a comprehensive global response from every part of society. We are committed to doing our part to combat climate change.

Sustainable Operations

We aim to integrate environmental sustainability across our business operations in four key areas:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint in the delivery of platform, experience and services.
  • Making environmentally-conscious choices in our offices worldwide.
  • Managing energy and water usage at our global offices and data centers.
  • Robust Data Managed Services Strategy.

Our strategies drive efficiencies across our data centers over which we have operational control:

  • Leverage cloud data centers.
  • Directly manage energy use for Clancy owned and third-party managed data-centers.
  • Focus on consolidation and optimization of data centers and services.

Diversity – ClancyWorld™ for All

At Clancy we believe individuality = power.

Our approach to diversity is simple—it’s about celebrating everyone. We believe in creating a culture where our team can bring their true selves to work and deploy diversity initiatives that support everyone, we’re doing what it takes to build an inclusive – “Clancy”- world for all.

We are driven to advance diversity and inclusion, and will be investing in initiatives with our partners to constantly drive our beliefs forward in our own operations and in society at large.

Clancy Workplace and Partners Values

We are at our best when we listen, learn, and empower each other. Clancy celebrates a culture of openness, values constructive dialogue among our teams, people and partnerships.

We want to lead the way for the Digital Collectibles and E-Fan industry to transform and for Clancy to be viewed as a destination for great talent.

Creating Inclusive Product Experience

We believe that Digital Platforms and Communities have the power to transcend society, and the experiences we create and communities we build can positively impact the world around us.



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